Wollo University is one of the federal universities built among a group of 2nd generation Universities in Ethiopia. Being located in the South Wollo Zone of the Amhara State, the University is designed to be a center of learning and research in a wide range of fields to meet the growing demand of trained manpower of the country.

The University is at the center of an area characterized by archaeological, anthropological and historical achievements and diverse ethnic and religious groups known for their harmonious coexistence. The area has also featured rich cultural and literary traditions and accomplishments as, for instance, four of the country’s musical notes found their origin therein and many name worthy people of letters, the performing arts and philosophy emerged.

Dessie, having a population of no less than 300,000 and tucked in the Ethiopian highlands of some 2,500 meters in height, is a commercial hub serving a catchment of some seven million people. Kombolcha is an evolving city and has recently been designated as one of the industrial zones of the country. It has a population of no less than 90,000. It, being in the midlands of lower altitude, is served by a modern airport and is 450 kilometers away from the seaport of Djibouti along the Red Sea Coast. Soon Kombolcha will be served by a cross country railway chain connecting it to Djibouti.


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