Our Mission


Valley View University, a Seventh – day Adventist institution, emphasizes academic, spiritual vocational and technological excellence in a context that prepares lives for service to God and humanity.

Our Vision

To be a leading Centre of Excellence in Christian Education

Our Core Values

VVU seeks to pass on a passion for excellence, integrity and service.

  • Excellence- The commitment to attain higher standards and expectations.
  • Integrity – A life that matches convictions with actions. Integrity encompasses honesty, authenticity and trust worthiness
  • Service – The willingness to serve God and humanity in a selfless manner.


Our Passion

Passing on a passion for…

  • …excellence,integrity, and service

Excellence is…

  • The result of caring more than others think is wise;
  • Risking more than others think is safe;
  • Dreaming more than others think is practical; and,
  • Expecting more than others think is possible.

Integrity is…

  • Acting consistently not because we want the endorsement of others;
  • Discovering and doing what in life is worth doing
  • Dedication to the pursuit of moral life; and
  • the state of being unimpaired; soundness.

Service is…

  • giving the best of one’s self for the better of others


Our Address:

Mile 19 Off the Adenta-Dodowa Road, Accra