University of Bakht Alruda is a recent addition to the set of Sudanese universities that inherited rooted traditions from its predecessors of Bakht Alruda Institute of Education which was founded in 1934 by the British educationalist Mr. V. L. Griffiths, as a training college for primary-school teachers, not far from the small town of Dueim.

University of Bakht Alruda was officially stablished in July 1997, by presidential decree as one of Sudanese Higher Education Institutions. The University offers courses and programs leading to various degrees in several areas of academic disciplines.

The university is now comprises the following faculties:

Arts, Science, Education, Basic Education, Economics, Law, Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Education Niema (Girls Section), Community Development, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences which comprises nursing and other paramedical professions. The university has other academic centers like Distance Education, and Desertification Studies.


Our Address:

Ad Douiem