Development and development:

On 7 September 2008, the National Council approved the law of Al-Batna University for the year 2007, based in the city of Refa’a. The first payment was accepted in 2010.

Rafaa is the headquarters of the university administration.
The study began in 2001 at the Faculty of Education – Refaa (University of Al Jazeera)
Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics – Al-Hilal (2003) (Al-Jazeera University)
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Tembol (2005) (University of Al Jazeera)
In 2008, the republican decree was issued establishing Al-Batna University.
To be the above colleges its nucleus.
In 2010, the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources was added to the year 2012.
Graduated the first batch (diploma in the Faculty of Management and Economics in 2013)
The first batch of baccalaureate students will be graduated from the Faculty of Education, Management Science and Economics this year and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine next year, God willing.
The First Vice President of the Republic approved the establishment of the Faculty of Education and Management and Economics Sciences in the University of Al-Buthana in a letter issued by the first pillar of Salah Ahmed Mohammed Saleh, the Minister of the Presidency of the Republic in the number C / M / 1 / A / 1/10 bis 1 / g / 1 / 2 of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research on 17 October 2001.
On October 14, 2003, the Director of Al-Jazira University sent a letter to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research concerning the accreditation of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and acceptance of twenty students in the second round.
Dr. Omar Hassan Mohamed Arabi was nominated as Dean of the College on 30 May 2004 by the Director of Al-Jazira University for approval by the President of the Council.
The Dean of the College sent a letter on September 5, 2005 to the supervisor of the University of Al-Batna project explaining the progress of preparing for the first installment payment (28).
The Director General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research sent a letter on October 12, 2005 to the Director of the University of Algeria regarding the functions of Al-Batna University.
Rafaa College of Education was established in 2001 as one of the faculties of Al Jazeera University.
She started with a bachelor’s program in mathematics and computer, with a very limited number of professors and she used some cooperating professors.
(25) in five sections: Arabic and Islamic Studies – English – Mathematics and Computer – Physics and Mathematics – Chemistry and Biology.
Then added the Department of Geography and History within the students of the batch (27)
And then continued on those sections until the batch (32), where the University of Batna in 2010 began the first batch until the fourth installment in 2014 and the total number of students in the previous disciplines reached (1865) students.


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