The University of Africa, Toru-Orua, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, was established by the State Government through a Bill passed by the State House of Assembly and assented to by His Excellency and Visitor to the University – Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson on Friday July 22, 2016. With effect from Thursday July 28, 2017, the National Universities’ Commission (NUC) recognised University of Africa (UAT) as the 43rd State university, and 143rd in the Nigerian University System.

Following this, a formal letter of approval, Ref No: (NUC/AS/S43/Vol. 112), was given by the National Universities’ Commission to commence Foundation programmes in Arts and Sciences with effect from March 14, 2017. The first batch of Foundation students completed their programmes on September 2017. This was followed by successful NUC-organised Resource Verification Exercise for a total of 24 Academic Programmes in 21 Departments domiciled in Four (4) Faculties vide NUC letter Ref No: NUC/AP/S43/VOL.1/04 of October 26, 2017.

As a 21st Century University with entrepreneurial bent, University of Africa, Toru-Orua envisions a world of unlimited opportunities and boundless human potentials through the offering of innovative education that ensures full personal development and discovery, engenders creativity, and promotes skills acquisition from varieties of learning experiences to build a total person prepared for leadership and service.

Our major selling points at UAT is to provide our students with identical educational opportunities and exposures as they will find in places like: US, UK, Canada and South Africa but, at a fraction of that cost. They will be trained to use their brain and their hands, and above all, to be globally and self-employable within the ambits of UAT core legacy and values of: Integrity, Knowledge, Dignity, Excellence and Service.

Our modus operandi, therefore, is to interphase endogenous research and innovation with the development of need-driven educational programmes to produce highly skilled, globally and self-employable graduates, and who may transform into entrepreneurs and create own enterprises and business opportunities. University of Africa is focused on being an innovative brand and a platform for actualising University-Government-Industry Partnerships (Triple Helix), and to encourage and nurture research collaborations to build entrepreneurship and enhance ingenious application of resources towards improved economy and national development. We aim to build a multi-racial and multi-cultural campus community by facilitating the inclusion of highly competent international faculty and students from every country of the world. We will strive to maintain a serene and secure environment and above all, a stable academic calendar. Our strategic objectives are anchored on:

1. Public-private-partnerships(PPP) in the provision of high quality teaching-learning facilities and resources.
2. Learner-centered teaching-learning modules through the provision of innovative education that engenders personal creativity and innovative thinking to build minds that are foremost entrepreneurial and independent thinkers to galvanise the development and aspirations of the continent.
3. Providing learning experiences that enlist skills acquisition through many hands-on experiences from industrial exposure and engagements.
4. The engagement of internationally qualified academics and professionals in the delivery of the varied learning experiences to provide international exposure and content that would ensure that our graduates are competitive and globally employable, and are able to push their limits in the work place anywhere in the world.
5. Building a multi-racial and multi-cultural campus community through the inclusion of foreign staff and professionals and students to ensure that our policies and processes are of international standard and align with global best practices in the provision of Tertiary Education in Africa and beyond.
6. Building a strong capacity for self-sustenance via public-private -partnerships for funds generation and endowment that will ensure true university autonomy and self-reliance.
7. A peer review mechanism involving partner institutions, within and outside Nigeria for evaluation and appraisal of our academic programmes to ensure quality and high standards and due compliance with international norms and practices. This would provide opportunities for the staff and student exchange programmes and research collaborations.
8. Our research foci are designed to promote agro-based economy, manufacturing, affordable health care delivery, and service oriented industries. This will ensure rapid technological advancement, and socio-economic development of the African continent.
9. Producing transformational leaders who can provide the required vision needed for human emancipation in the scientific, technological, political and socio-economic domains on the African continent.
Therefore, our goal is to be an entrepreneurial University focused on producing entrepreneurs and innovators who can initiate development and transform the landscape of Africa through technological innovation and inventions, independent businesses, and enterprises, and who can be global players in the world economy, politics, and leadership.
We seek to be a forerunner and touch bearer in the provision of Public-Private Higher Institution in Africa by building a system of education that provides tailor-made approach to building knowledge and independent thoughts and requisite skills, as well as enlisting partnerships with people, government and industry.

1. Biotechnology Application to Food Production, Nutrition Security and Health
2. Alternative Building and Road Construction Materials
3. Engineering and Operations Research
4. Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Systems
5. Environmental Remediation and Conservation
6. Oil and Gas Research and Services
7. Arts, Culture and Tourism
8. Enterprises/Development involving 1-7 above

Our immediate plan will be to set up Four (4) Training and Research Centres to support and complement our classroom teaching, research and innovation thrusts. These Centres are:
1. Centre for Research, Innovation and Product Development (CENRIP)
2. Centre for Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups (CENTS)
3. Centre for Biotechnology Resources and Applications (CENBRAP))
4. Centre for Agribusinesses and Allied Products Development (CENAAP)

These Centres will focus on need-driven research to produce Adaptable Technologies, Innovations, Products, Processes and Services for the Industrial and Economic Development of Bayelsa State, Nigeria, in Africa and beyond. We will enlist partnerships with different organizations and countries of the world to add value and optimise our Innovation processes via collaborative research, joint conferences/workshops, and publications.


Our Address:

The Registrar, Room No 9, Office of the Secretary to the State Government, Wing A, State Secretariat Complex, Melford Okilo Road, Yenagoa, Bayelsa