Uganda Pentecostal University is a God Fearing University that has the identity of spreading truth and knowledge to all. The University always implements the policy of non-discrimination on the grounds of race, tribe, sex, social status, religious or political belief disability or other cause unless prescribed or permitted by the laws of Uganda.
Uganda Pentecostal University always promotes the highest standards of research and academic work. The University ensures a balance between student numbers and staff resources as well physical plant and equipment. It always promotes and excels in co-curricular activities including sports. The University always endeavors to attain the highest international standards for its faculties, staff and administrators. The University carries out constant evaluation and periodic review of its programs.
The University promotes and inculcates the spirit of the love of nature in its students, staff and programs. The University engages in community development programs, environmental awareness campaigns and research aimed at conserving and improving natural resources for sustainable development. The University continues to safeguard academic freedom in its learning processes; teaching and research. Such processes shall respect cultural heritage of various communities. The University promotes the open exchange of ideas and furtherance of this freedom, through inviting public figures and scholars of various ideological persuasions to serve and conduct public lectures essential to the enlargement of this freedom. It shall collaborate with like-minded institutions.


Our Address:

P.O. BOX 249 Fort Portal