Tech-U is Nigeria’s first and only technical university. The University began operations in 2017 with the Faculties of Engineering and Technology and Natural Sciences.

The University has a total of 15 academic programmes approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC). Some of these programmes include Mechatronics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Cyber Security, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Physics with Electronics, Petroleum Engineering, Industrial Chemistry and Statistics.

The University staff strength is a mix of first-rate teaching and experienced non-teaching staff.

Modern classrooms fitted with air-conditioners, an expansive 500-seater e-library, and fully furnished laboratories are in place to make learning enjoyable.

Similarly, there is a well-secured, fully functional, and a student-friendly hostel to give students memorable learning experience.

The University is unwaveringly steadfast in its vision to combat the problem of youth unemployment in Nigeria by producing top-notch graduates who are self-reliant and innovative.


Tech-U is a top-rated University and a leading innovation, science and technology hub. Our students are exposed to an excellent blend of theory and practice administered by some of the brightest experts in the various fields. With rich emphasis on entrepreneurial and technical skills, Tech-U holds a distinguished place in the tertiary education space in Nigeria.

Our focus on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines is informed by the need to provide our students with critical skills that are applicable to actual world problems. We are proud of our position as the first and only technical University in Nigeria.


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