Tamale Technical University is Africa’s premier University in northern Ghana in the delivery of world-class technical and vocational education.The university traces its history to a trades school in 1951 and a Technical institute in 1963.It recieved Techinal Univesity classification in 2018 following its coversion from a polytechnic under the technical Universities Act,2016(Act 922).

The university has autonomy to run as a Public tertiary educational institution of Ghana.The programs run by the university are accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB), The Higher National Diploma (HND) programs are supervised by the National Board for Professional and Technical Examinations (NABPTEX)..

Tamale Technical University Is a member of the Commonwealth Association of Technical Universities and Polytechnics in Africa.It also has a membership of the Associations of Principals of Technical Institutes, Ghana and Conference of Rectors of Polytechnics and Vice-Chancellors of Technical Universities, Ghana.

The University has a very Good Standing in World Universities’ rankings in the area of applied research and technology.This manifested in the form of awards won.The institutions was awarded by International Institute of Governance and Developement, South Africa for innovation, intergrity and Developement in 2014.It also recieved the Best Behaved Institution at the 7th editions of the Inter-tertiary institution debate competetion in Africa in 2014, organized by impact Africa.The Nova Scotia Agricultural colledge also in 2010 accorded the University partnership recognition for commitment to the Developement of Rural Entrepreneuship.The Ghana Tourism Authority recently awarded the Univerity for BestPerformer in Tourism Education,2018.

Tamale Technical University is located within the Education Ridge area of Tamale, which is about two kilometer away from the Central Business District.It is digitallly located on NS-011-9772.The university’s strategic location gives easy access to various significant hassle-free travel distance to the Gambaga eascarpement. It provides easy reach also to the, Laribanga mosque.Damongo game reserve, Mognori ecovillage and Kulmasa traditionally ritual site.

The university has a student population of about 7000 made of various nationalities. There is a strong promotion of cultural diversity reflected in the students from accross Ghana,Burkina Faso,Seirra Leone,Ivory Coast,Mali and Nigeria.Acadamic excellence is reflected by the diversity of students population and absolute emphasis on hands-on practical trainig, coupled with strong industry Linkage.


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