Sunyani Technical University is a public institution of higher learning that is committed to the provision of career-focused education in engineering, science and technology, technical and vocational, applied arts and related disciplines with hands-on experience and entrepreneurial development to meet the higher and middle level manpower needs of the country.


To become a top-notch Technical University for the provision of career-focused, practically-oriented and entrepreneurially-inclined higher and middle level manpower training for the socioeconomic development of the BrongAhafo region and Ghana; and to contribute to the global sustainable development.

Core Values

The core values which the members of the Sunyani Technical University would want to advance to inculcate in all who pass through the institution are:

  1. Pursue and generate knowledge for personal & community use [excellence]
  2. Generate innovations that make the world a better place [competence]
  3. Ignite in our students a lifelong love for learning [competitiveness]
  4. Celebrate and learn from diversity and communalism [responsiveness]
  5. Open the world of work ethics to our students [professionalism]


Our Address:

P. O. Box 206, Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo