Uniqueness of the University

St. Lawrence University is unique because it emphasizes entrepreneurship development, competence in research and in ICT and self-empowerment and leadership. Four courses capturing these components are compulsory in all programmes to produce graduates who are self-reliant, versatile, who will light their own candles and thus answer the usually disturbing question of ” after University what next?”

University Mission.

The mission of the St. Lawrence University is to produce citizens who are educated morally and spiritually upright and socially responsive, who are decisive, determined, devoted, and who will be empowered and use the entrepreneurship, research and computer skills acquired to be innovative, job creators and solvers of problems and who are prized and appreciated employees.

University Vision.

Excellence in teaching, learning, research and community service which is underpinned with innovation, entrepreneurship, empowerment and competence in computer and research that willenable citizens to create jobs and will go a long way in solving some of the problems of this millennium.


Our Address:

P.O .Box 24930 Kampala