Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) is a public University based in Morogoro Tanzania. The university is located on the slopes of the Uluguru mountains.

SUA is  best known for offering courses and programmes widely in a field of Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Forestry, Animal Science, Wildlife Management, Tourism Management, Environmental Science,Food Science, Natural Resources,Nutrition,Rural Development, since its establishment.

History of the University

Sokoine University of Agriculture was established on the 1st July,  1984 by parliamentary Act No.6 of the same year, which was repealed by the Universities Act No.7 of 2005 from which the SUA charter was granted in 2007.Continue Reading…

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  • University Campuses and Area
  • University charter & Accreditations
  • Vision, Mission and core values.

University Leadership

The Sokoine University of Agriculture leaders are mainly responsible for the strategic and management of the University…Find out more information in the following links

  • Chancellor
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration & Finance)
  • Principals, Dean and Directors
  • Heads of Departments, Unit and Section

University Governance and Organisation

Find out the information about the structure and governance of the Sokoine University of Agriculture as defined by the University’s charter. Find out more information in the following links

  • University Council
  • University Senate
  • University Committees
  • College and Centre Boards

Facts and Statistics

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  • Facts and Figures
  • University Rankings
  • University Recognitions, Ranking and Awards
  • Honorary Degrees
  • Graduation Ceremonies

Facilities and Services

Sokoine University of Agriculture offers a wide range of facilities and services that supports academic pursuits. Find out more information in the following links

  • Health Care Services
  • Financial and Auditing Services
  • Legal Services
  • Security Services


Our Address:

P.O. Box 3000, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro