Mission of the University. The mission of Rhema University is to produce for Nigeria, leaders to help meet the challenges of development in this age of globalization and to cultivate in the students profound professional expertise and high moral character.

Vision of the University The vision of Rhema University is to operate a University of excellence where the theory in class and textbooks will be complemented with practical skills through entrepreneurship studies, respect for human dignity will be vigorously pursued and where probity in character will be the hallmark.

Philosophy of the University The philosophy of the university is hinged on a philosophical dictum that “Knowledge is Power” and that giving man knowledge through education, he can thrive and prosper in a globalising world. With this philosophy, the university will strive to make the students first and foremost thinkers, people with broad horizons and enriched knowledge of discipline area..

To achieve the above philosophy, the university will pursue the highest standards of teaching, research and community service while at the same time provide a balanced education for the acquisition of knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and moral principles. In other words, the Rhema University will help its students become thinkers and doers; people who are more interested in solving problems than idling away; and people willing to take a risk to make a difference. Put another way, Rhema University will give its students what is known as liberal education.


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