The Renaissance University is an idea and an ideal whose time has finally come. We are all conversant with what had happened to the Nigerian educational system out of which the University education has suffered innumerable punches from cheating at the UME and racket admission, lack of facilities, constant strikes by staff and students, secrets cultism, examination malpractice, bizarre academic calendar etc. The result of these punches is a University system that has been technically knocked out (TKO). The three conventional University competencies of Teaching, Research and Community Service have been completely compromised because none of the three is receiving the attention it deserves. The promoters of Renaissance thus conceived of a University that will bring a complete rebirth to the University education system in Nigeria.


Renaissance University (RNU), an institution established with excellence as its focus, was one of eight tertiary institutions issued with licence to operate as a Private University in 2005 by National Universities Commission (NUC).

However, of all the eight Private Universities, Renaissance University is unique in the sense that it is the only one that started on a virgin land without infrastructure or utilities. This affected the immediate take off of the University until September, 2007 when the gates of the University were opened to the pioneer students.

Renaissance University’s focus is exclusively on academic, technical and ethical excellence and we set out to change the face of University education in Nigeria through a carefully structured and efficiently executed curriculum aimed at producing the total man who will always be preferred in the job market than the other graduates. This is in line with our vision whose key phase is “to be a centre of excellence” and our mission which is “to produce a roundly trained universal man, who is well motivated and poised to accelerate national development, using sound knowledge and application of innovations in Arts, Science and Technology”.

Since we have just taken off, there is not much done yet in the area of research but in line with our “communiversity” spirit we are poised to embark on razor-edge researches that will benefit the agrarian community we are located in. Arrangements are on to satisfy this focus as we intensify our determination to put in place our virtual library that will afford our students and staff access to research reports all over the world. The University has a unique policy that requires academic staff and research fellows to carry out researches that would attract grants if they will continue to be retained on University’s strength. The University is also putting in place a large farm that will be used not only to generate revenue but largely to enhance agricultural research.

Research is one of the platforms on which the University wishes to establish its name as a centre of excellence. To do this we intend to:

  • Establish a Research and Development Centre that will coordinate all our research activities to be headed by an experienced Professor as Director. The centre will ensure that focused and multi-disciplinary researches that have direct benefit to the society are encouraged. The anchor points will be ICT and the environment.
  • Academic staff will be encouraged to participate in collaborative research activities.
  • Research linkages will also be encouraged between the University and industries.
  • The University will create the necessary floor, with well equipped research laboratories and modern research tools.
  • The University intends to create Nobel Laureate in various disciplines and in pursuit of this goal, quality research output will be a major consideration in assessment for promotion.
  • We will actively search for research grant to support research activities and staff will also be encouraged to seek independent sources of funds for research.


Our vision is encapsulated in the essence of our name: “To be a centre of excellence for teaching, research and community service that empowers the individual to strive to the utmost development of humanity”.


Our mission is to produce well trained and motivated graduates that are poised to accelerate national development with sound knowledge and application of innovations in science and Technology.


Our philosophy is to produce the total man who is sound in learning, worthy in character and useful to humanity.


The goals of the University are:

  • To establish an Institution that responds appropriately to the needs of its students, the University community, the Nigerian state and the world in general;
  • To prepare students for scholarship and service in the areas of general and applied knowledge;
  • To contribute various educational services to meet the needs of the community at large;
  • To provide curricula and other services to respond to the demands of a dynamic, democratic society;
  • To provide such diversification of specialized educational programmes as to accommodate students with varying educational and occupational interests and levels of potentials for achievement;
  • To run a University of high standards as a model in quality, teaching and research with technological acquisition and application with an ICT Centre of Excellence;
  • To provide high level manpower in ICT, Science, Management and Engineering;
  • To develop upright and good citizens who are appreciative of dignity in labour through an organized student study and work programme in order to promote the acquisition of industrial and agricultural expertise, and exchange of skills within the University industry;
  • To access University education to the exceptionally gifted but indigent and poor, without prejudice to race, sex, creed or political leanings through a carefully managed University Scholarship Scheme.


Our Address:

P.M.B. 01183 Enugu, Enugu State