The Visitor to the University (General Overseer), representing the Proprietor – the Redeemed Christian Church of God – shall appoint the Board of Trustees (BOT). Membership, functions and powers of the Board of Trustees are as outlined in the Articles of Association of the Board. The Board of Trustees’ main functions are: to approve the main policies and the long-term plans recommended by the Governing Council of the University; to hold the legal title to the property of the University; appoint the Chancellor and the seven members of the University’s Governing Council; and conduct a visitation to the University at least once in every five years. The Board shall appoint its own secretary. The day-to-day management of the University will be similar to what obtains in most other universities in Nigeria, although there will be slight modifications aimed solely at ensuring good governance at the University.

Redeemer’s University operates the collegiate system. The departments and courses of studies with all activities of teaching, learning and research are structured under various colleges.

The Collegiate system groups a number of related and complimentary departments under one college and headed by a Dean.  This removes defensive barrier among academic specialization, facilitates interactions and cross-fertilization of ideas.  It also optimizes the effective utilization of personnel and facilities while reducing the unnecessary overlap of staff disciplines.  This flexibility encourages group/team spirit and multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.

There are four (4) colleges running various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the respective departments.



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