Excellence and leadership in higher education


Creation of a conducive environment to qualify distinguished scientific, professional, graduates who are capable of leadership and contribution in the development of community economically and socially. Promotion of Police and Security profession and contribute in its capacity building scientifically, professionally, ethically and research wise.


The strategic objective of the University is to develop the resources of the Ministry of Interior by achieving the following strategic aims:
– Creation of conducive, distinguished and learning environment.
– Excellent qualification for students scientifically, professionally and morally in order to award the required academic degrees.
– Enhancement of students’ capacities of leadership, innovation and culture.
– Distinguished scientific, professional and ethical training of police and security forces.
– Sustainable development and promotion of personnel.
– Support and publication of scientific and applied researches which are related to the community.


Our Address:

Buri P.Box 55 Khartoum