The broad objectives of Postgraduate Studies in the Nigerian University system have been enunciated by the National Universities Commission (NUC), thus:

“These include the further development, in graduate students of the spirit of enquiry through training in research in an atmosphere of intellectual independence and individual creativity combined with a strong sense of group cooperation. To this end, Postgraduate School should foster, through instruction, a deeper understanding of elementary concepts and increasing ability to apply fundamental ideas to new problems. The students in the Postgraduate School must therefore be made to realize, quite early, that the intellectual growth and subsequent success are directly related to their depth of command of basic principles. Hence, although graduate studies are associated with a high degree of specialization, such specialization must be secondary to extending mental horizons, producing new orientations, and developing a sufficient depth of understanding.”

The Postgraduate programmes are aimed at providing postgraduate training in selected disciplines and are directed towards expanding the boundaries of knowledge in order to enhance the socio-economic and technological development of Nasarawa State in particular and Nigeria in general.

NSUK, through its Postgraduate programmes hopes to uphold curriculum innovation and identify with the dynamic nature of the Nigerian society and respond appropriately to the general developmental objectives of Nigeria beyond the NUC benchmark for minimum academic standards. The programmes are designed to enable our graduates to take on academic, professional, and administrative responsibilities, in public and private sectors of the nation and globally. The programmes are undertaken through coursework, seminars, research, and other modes, as may be prescribed by the Senate.


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