Offering quality education to produce competent graduate, conducting need based researches and providing multidimensional services to the community that alleviate societal problems.


To be one of the top ten universities by offering quality education in Ethiopia by 2020 G.C.


  • Academic excellence:- MeU sets high expectations for students and graduates and demands excellence in teaching and service delivery. The university’s academic and supportive staff and the students will enthusiastically strive for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of their works and inspire others to do the same.
  • Public engagement and diversity:- Which expresses the University’s commitment to search for knowledge based solutions to societal problems. Public engagement is an interpretation of the university’s outreach mission that emphasize being proactive (actively engaged) and having a public impact. We cherish our diverse inclusive community of students, faculty, staff, administrator, and a community that is enriched by pupil of different backgrounds, respectful of the dignity of all its members, and enlivened by open communication.
  •    Transparency and Accountability:- MeU will encourage its academic and support staff to accept free flow of information and responsibility for actions and decisions made by them and/or the University towards their benefits, for others’ sake and the environments.  
  • Rule of law: Rules and regulations govern our decisions and actions
  • Relevance:-MeU will respond to the need for highly trained, technologically competent graduates, educated to excel in the 21st century work force; and in addition, the University will extend the products of its research and other services to address concerns of its stakeholders and solve the social, political and economic problems of the country.

   Innovation:- Members of MeU community will look for creative, new and/or better ways to develop their areas of expertise and allow colleagues the freedom to develop and present innovative and challenging ideas.

  • Commitment to students:-As teachers and scholars, mentors and facilitators, we endeavor to educate the whole person. We nurture and challenge students intellectually, aesthetically, socially and physically preparing them to be competent in their professions.
  • Social and Environmental responsiveness:-In its day to day activities Meu considers the social, human and economical benefit of the community in advance. It also gives due emphasize to sustainability and wise utilization of natural resource.

Honesty, Integrity and team spirit:- We highly value integrity and trust worthiness in carrying out intellectual exercise in day to day interaction of our customers and we are dedicated to serve the community. Our University will encourage its academic community to be consistently honest and trustworthy, and behave in an ethical manner, taking ownership of their behavior and responsibilities. MeU’s will value and appreciate colleagues’ contributions and provide encouragement and support to one another, working together to achieve common goals in a friendly, courteous and professional manner.


Our Address:

P.O.Box: 318 Metu