Merowe University of Technology – Abdulatif Alhamad (MUT)

MUT is a national and public university established in 2015.

MUT is the first technical university in Sudan, the first university to use Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) to enhance its education in all courses, and the first university to use project-based learning to enhance practical learning process.

MUT is located in the Northern State, which is one of the most ancient civilizations worldwide and home to a celebrated kingdom (Napata) that ruled Egypt all the way to Mesopotamia. It is indeed a destination for archaeologists and tourists from all over the world.

Merowe is host to a number of development projects such as Merowe Dam, Merowe Medical City, Merowe International Airport, many agricultural projects and a network of roads and bridges.

Programs at MUT are carefully established to suit the needs of the country and local community. Creativity and Innovation is what drives MUT with solving community problems at the heart of its philosophy.


A smart, productive, technical, and unique university pioneering in science and technology; with qualified graduates, distinguished research, active participation in community development and maintaining high ethical and professional values.


Development of knowledge and capacity building, and preparation of qualified cadres supported with knowledge, skills, and behaviour that comply with international quality measures and commitment to community values and professional ethics.


  1. Provide qualified graduates to serve and participate in achieving sustainable development goals in all fields of study.
  2. Participate in achieving sustainable development goals through establishment of specialized research programs.
  3. Provide a model for technical education in developing countries that will enrich labor market with well-trained and productive technical human resource.
  4. Keep abreast of developments in scientific fields through the continuous modernization, update and improvement of curricula and study plans.
  5. Provide services and solutions to the community through effective scientific research and consultancy to the concerned private and public sectors.
  6. Ensure the fulfillment of sustainable development goals by strengthening scientific cooperation and collaboration with international academic institutions and experts, exchange and knowledge transfer programs, and promotion of scientific and cultural relations.


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