LivingStone International University (LIU) is a private non-profit Christian University established in Mbale Uganda. The vision come from the missionaries of the New Testament Churches of Christ who saw the need to have a greater influence through education so that communities can be improved for Christ.

LIU was granted a letter of interim authority by the Uganda National Council for Higher education to begin operating in 2008. In Mbale 2010, after vigorous inspections and interviews, a provisional license was granted, which authorizes LIU to admit students and issue degrees. The process of acquiring the Charter is in progress. All degrees have been accredited by the NCHE and we look forward to the future expansion as God provides.

LivingStone International University is seeking to transform Africa through quality Christ-centered Higher education and the LIU vision is taking shape rapidly with much work to be done. Already 56 acres of land have been acquired in a key location on the Mbale to Jinja highways near Mbale.

The permanent campus plan development is made up of modern, pristine buildings as part of master plan designed by Engineering Ministries International to accommodate student growth to 4,000 over 15 years. The University opened the doors to its first class on January 16 2012.

LivingStone International University is an accredited Christian university in Uganda. It is religious and explicitly Christian in its name, in its mission statement, and in its scripture: 1Peter 2:4-5.

Staff members are appointed to the University regardless of race, ethnic background, gender, or physical ability. Academic staff members are expected to study and teach freely in the tradition of Christian scholarship, remembering that “The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom”. Students are admitted to the University regardless of race, ethnic background, gender, or physical disability. Students will be admitted to the University and continue in good standing so long as they observe and respect the rules below;

  • Rule of Faith
  • Rule of Life
  • Rule of Prayer which constitute, “the Instruments of Identity” of the University.


Our Address:

P.O. Box 994 Mbale