To provide Lagos state with the required human capital for the sustenance of her position as the commercial and industrial hub of the federal Republic of Nigeria and the strategic transformation of the industrial capacity of the state in particular, as well as the country in general.


The mission of Lagos state university is:

To provide qualitative education to the large populace of Lagos State in particular and Nigeria as a whole by preparing them for the challenges of managing the public and private sectors of the state


Lagos state University, utilizing all available resources, should provide every deserving candidate the opportunity to further his/her education.

The university shall be a seat of leaning, pursuit of truth and character as well as excellence in teaching, research and community service


Academic Excellence, Accountability, Humility, Integrity, Transpaency and Patience.


The main objectives of the university are:

  1. To form the apex of the educational system of Lagos state as well as to provide facilities for leaning, and to give instruction and training in such areas of knowledge as the University may desire to foster and, in doing so, to enable students obtain the advantage of liberal education;
  2. To promote, by research and other means, the advancement of knowledge and its practical application to social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological problems;
  3. To encourage the advancement of learning and to provide the opportunity for acquiring higher and liberal education;
  4. To act as a vehicle for national development in general and, in particular, to act as an instrument to effectively stimulate the development of the state through continuing education, technical assistance, direct consultation, informational services and internship programmes;
  5. To provide innovative educational programmes of high standard, regardless of the nature of the degree being pursued, as long as this has importance and relevance for state and national development;
  6. To provide ready access for citizens of the state in particular to higher education, regardless of social origin or income;
  7. To meet the specific manpower needs of the public and private sectors in the state;
  8. To serve as a creative custodian, promoter and propagator of the state’s social and cultural heritage and other resources;
  9. To undertake any other activities appropriate for a university of the highest standard.


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