Knutsford University is exceptional and its mandate is to create, to nurture and to develop permanent foundations for inspiring leadership and scholarship among our students and graduates for their own personal, intellectual and professional development and as a consequence, for national and international development.

The university recognises the fact that whilst each person must contribute his or her portion for self, communal, national and global development, leadership is key to a paradigm shift and for fundamental change in every community. With leadership as a vehicle, bad leaders make for bad journeys and for bad destinations. Just as the people perish with ignorance so too do they perish with shortsighted or weak leadership.

Naturally then, not every one is a leader and not every programme leads to a successful leadership. Leadership can and must be nurtured from among those with demonstrated potential for same. To ensure creative, active, wise, disciplined and inspiring leadership amongst our students therefore, at Knutsford the subject of great leadership is central to our programmes and is consciously developed as a specific, comprehensive and detailed programme of character building and heroic thinking.