KHU Philosophy

We at Kenya Highlands University believe that:

1. The lifelong undertaking of study is a sacred gift given by God for the pursuit of goodness, truth and beauty.

2. The foundation of sound learning is rooted in a high view of Scripture as God’s infallible word wherein all truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

3. The focus of proper education is the development of a person’s humanity as a unique being created in the image of God, and by His grace enabled to achieve humanity’s intended purpose of reflecting His glory through a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as both Saviour and Sanctifier of heart and life.

4. The college experience should sharpen interpersonal communication skills in order to provide greater understanding of one’s self, others, and God so we may become more effective agents of redemption and transformation in the world.

5. Christian liberal arts education should prepare students to assume the rights and responsibilities that apply to our local and global cultures, resulting in service to mankind, and to that end we strive to prepare global Christian leaders for tomorrow’s world.
We would also affirm:

6. Our commitment to holistic education through the maturation of personhood which results from knowledge and skills which are dedicated to breadth of understanding and depth of coverage in diverse disciplines grounded in the tradition of orthodox Christian thought.

7. Our steadfast commitment to the abiding Wesleyan-Arminian perspective of sin, grace, and the possibility of full salvation as the philosophical and theological foundation for exploration and investigation into perennial questions concerning the intellectual, spiritual, and physical dimensions of human existence.

8. The value in freedom of inquiry within a diversity of enduring Christian and cultural traditions whereby students may explore and appreciate others and their values without compromising the college values and ethos, and carry out our Christian vision without coercion.


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