KAG EAST University is aspiring to remain on the cutting edge of today’s professional fields and vocational ministry training. Our commitment to the integration of faith, learning and life attracts and targets to not only offer academic studies, but moral and ethical standards among its students to serve the variety of situations they will be placed. Our intention is to qualify students who have a strong commitment to academics and an even stronger desire to combine their Christian faith with every aspect of their lives.

KAG EAST University approaches the total educational programme from a Christian perspective. KAG EAST University attempts to carry out comprehensive educational training to prepare students to reach their maximum fulfilment in serving God, church, fellow man and country in the changing educational, economic, political, and social situation of today.

As a Christian Institution, KAG EAST University’s education is designed to be holistic. It is very important that all persons involved in the educational process gain knowledge and skills that would enable them to respond to situations and problems effectively. They must be transformed through a personal encounter with God in Jesus Christ. KAG EAST University also believes that men and women experiencing this transformation will seek to live individually and collectively by the affirmation that Jesus is Saviour and Lord.


Our Address:

P.O.BOX 46328-00100 GPO, Nairobi