Jazeera University was established on February, 2010 in Mogadishu, Somalia by an eclectic group of Somali scholars. It is a higher education centre which is geared to create a knowledge based society. The academic council, administration and teaching staffs are devoted to achieve the vision and mission of the University. At Jazeera, we are guided by the philosophical inspiration that education is the cornerstone of development and human civilization. The University is the generator of manpower that is needed to propel our country and the world to the pinnacle of progress.

The premier university committed to educate the next generation of leaders and policy makers in Somalia and beyond. We are driven by virtues of excellence to feed the hungry minds. Our mandates and quality statements are all the reflection of our endeavors to promote the quality education in Somalia. The University was born out of necessity to contribute to general development of Somali society and the world. The academic programmes offered are Certificate, Diploma and Bachelors in all specializations ranging from Medicine,Engineering, sciences, applied sciences, technology, social sciences, humanities and arts. The University opens its door to all and sundry to reap the benefits of education.

The University has over 1,200 students enrolled for various degreesfor its first years. The population of the students continues to increase because of quality teaching, relevant and innovative programmes that meet their academic and professional needs and flexibility of our part time programmes for working class. The University innovatively influences human development through holistic education and generation, acquisition, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and skills, with emphasis on technology, medicine, education, business, agro-veterinary science, engineering, allied health and related disciplines. The University provides equal opportunity in producing competitive and hands-on graduates that contribute to national and global development.

The University is located at the heart of Mogadishu, making it easily accessible and the supporter of academic activity at all times. Mogadishu is a coastal city and Somalia’s capital making it a hub of educational centres. The buzzing city life gave the University an upper hand in promoting education as an engine of change and transformation in society. Furthermore, we believe that it is important to cultivate in students a desire to understand, a capacity for tolerance, and an ability to appreciate the ethnic and cultural diversity that make up humankind. It is the mission of the University to develop in students these abilities and attitudes, and in so doing to provide them an education that directs them toward a meaningful and successful life.


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