The University will be of the highest standard, mounting programmes of relevance to the dictates of the economic and social development of Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa, pursuing research at its very frontiers to contribute to the techno-economic and general development of Nigeria and its African neighbours.


To create a world-class University with innovation as its bedrock, demonstrating efficiency, raising quality, producing and empowering its products to be able to respond to the challenges of the local environment and the global challenges of development, and to be individuals of breaking out on their own in various endeavours.


The motto of the Hallmark University: ‘In Porsitiari Ad Excellentio’ which translated into English means ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’ is in consonance with the University’s name, ‘Hallmark’ which depicts the pinnacle of excellence. This indicates the university’s goal to pursue excellence in teaching, research and all other aspects of its endeavour.

Hallmark University is a strictly non-smoking environment. No alcoholic drinks, including beer and wine will be permitted to be bought, sold or consumed by students. No student is allowed to bring an automated locomotive on campus. This prohibition also includes motor bikes and scooters. Students are allowed to bring a bicycle to campus, which can be secured with a chain and padlock and is equipped with front and rear lights for use in the evening. This will help to ensure personal and general security and safety, promote personal physical and mental health and protect the environment. Students will be able to use the university authorized transport buggies. Commercial vehicles are strictly prohibited from entering the campus. Rooms must be cleaned and tidied on a daily basis, filthy and unkempt rooms will not be tolerated and offenders will be served a written caution.

Students of Hallmark “U” must be properly attired at all times. The Hallmark gold standard reflects decent clothing and proper grooming. Therefore, the following clothing items are forbidden on campus.Ladies: spaghetti straps see through clothing, miniskirts/dresses, plunging necklines, leggings, body hugging dresses/tops, bum shorts, crop tops, tank tops and bandanas.
Gentlemen: Sleeveless tops, singlets, sagging jeans, bum shorts and bandanas.
Classroom attire for ladies and gentlemen: smart/casual; no jeans allowed in the classrooms and labs.
Sportswear for ladies and gentlemen: T-shirt and shorts.
Accessories: No bling allowed.

Due to the heightened state of emergency concerning national insecurity, the campus gates will not open before 7.00am or after 7.00pm for student movement to or from the university. This security measure will be strictly enforced at all times, including weekends. For the aforementioned reason, students will be required to report back to their halls of residence by 9.45pm and will not be permitted to leave the halls of residence before 6.30am. General lights out will be at 11:00pm. This rule will be in force on weekdays and weekends. Students will log in and out of the halls of residence twice a day, i.e. mornings and evenings and will be subject to a written caution if found to be in contravention.

Visiting schedule for family visits to the campus will be the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month, from 11:00am – 5:00pm. To establish, protect and safeguard a morally sanitized environment, male students will not be allowed to visit the female hall of residence and female students will not be allowed to visit the male hall of residence, except for the respective halls of residence common rooms. This socialisation may take place on the last Sunday of every month between 4:00pm – 6:00pm only. All other areas are strictly out of bounds and offenders will be disciplined.


Our Address:

Km 65, Shagamu-Ore Expressway, Ijebu-Itele, Ogun State