The Egyptian Russian University was founded according to the governmental rescript no 256 in 2006.

The campus is located in Badr City, Cairo-Suez Road.

ERU has been established in cooperation with seven of the best Russian institutions as patrons and partners. They guarantee high-standard of academic programs at ERU. Besides, they provide ERU students with the opportunity of doing summer training and/or studying for one or more semesters in Russia.

In Fall 2006, ERU started with two faculties, pharmacy and engineering. Plans are underway to add more faculties in the future.

In 2011, ERU celebrated its first cohort graduates of the two faculties. The B.Sc. degrees, granted to ERU graduates, have been accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education. ERU graduates join respective Syndicates.

Currently, the faculty of engineering offers four programs: Architecture Engineering, Construction Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, and Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering.

Three more programs have already been approved, and will be introduced in the near future: Renewable Energy Engineering, Heavy Equipment Engineering, and Nuclear Power Stations Engineering.


Our Address:

Badr City, Cairo-Suez road, Postal Code 11829