Our Strategic Mandate

The Act establishing the University defines its mandate, which essentially is to provide higher education, undertake research, disseminate knowledge and foster relationships with the outside world. The strategic mandate of the University is derived from Science and Technology.


The Eastern Polytechnic is the center for strong intellectual development that trains students to acquire the appropriate skills and abilities, and equips them to contribute meaningfully to the socioeconomic development of Sierra Leone.


In pursuance of its vision, the Eastern Polytechnic re-affirms its commitments to the national educational goals  as it continues to maintain excellence; provides essential services for its community and the nation and serves as an industry for quality human resource development. The Eastern Polytechnic shall continue to provide leadership in community biased educational innovation and to transform students into effective instruments of change and development in the outside world

Our Core Values

  1. Leadership in Innovation and Technology
  2. Culture of Excellence
  3. Diversity and Equal Opportunity for All
  4. Integrity and Stewardship of Resources


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