Dominican University, Ibadan is promoted by the Dominicans who have 800 years of experience in education. For 23 years, Dominicans in Nigeria have run a philosophy degree programme, fully accredited by the National Universities Commission at the Dominican Institute, Ibadan. So Dominican University can boast of having emerged from a position of strength, having excellent facilities as well as robust human resources.

We are guided by the Dominican philosophy of education which is that of developing potential in the student to its fullest, based on its fundamental stance of a society being an aggregate of its citizens with productive minds and edifying character. Dominican University is the flowering and fruition of the intellectual heritage for which the Dominican have been known for the past 800 years.

Granted license on November 22, 2016, we commenced academic programme on October 16, 2017. Our Samonda Campus is located on a quiet and pleasant hilltop of the Education Layout Samonda, Sango, Ibadan. We share a common border with the University of Ibadan.


The Proprietor of the Dominican University is the Order of Preachers in Nigeria popularly known as theDominican Order.

The Order was founded in 1216 by a Spanish priest, Dominic de Guzman, after whom the Dominican University is named. He promoted university education by sending members of his Order for research, teaching and writing in Europe’s pioneering universities of Paris, Oxford, Bologna, etc.

The Order of Preachers was incorporated in Nigeria on March 9, 1965.


Our Address:

Samonda Campus, Plot 10A Educational Layout, Samonda, P.M.B. 5361, Ibadan, Oyo State