• Formulating distinguished frameworks in theoretical and practical areas according to labor market demands to compete locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Enhancing the role of scientific research and develop community service to achieve the overall development.
  • Tackling local community requirements and emerge the role of university in providing scientific consultancies.
  • Participate effectively in national issues like peace, social equality and environmental development.
  • Benefitting from local materials as inputs to form the concentrated fodders and involving the complementary one.
  • Working with the relevant bodies to change animal production stereotype in the area.

Research Field: Peace building and development studies, Natural resources, Environment, Climatic changes,  Agriculture, Animal production, Food production,  Foresters, Educations, Arts, Medicine and Health sciences’, Veterinary medicine, Economics, Community development, Financial and administrative science, Islamic science, Sharia and law, Bee- keeping, Honey production.


A university for scientific excellent, knowledge and community service.


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