•  The First University to obtain interim authorization to start a Private University in Ghana and spur interest in the Private University Initiative.
  •  First University to establish a Degree Program in Entrepreneurship.
  •  First University to introduce a Degree Program in Electronics and Communications Engineering.
  •  First University to start a Pre-University Program after the stoppage of Prelims in Public Institutions in Ghana.
  •  First University to start a Degree Program Biomedical Engineering .
  •  First University to start and run a sustainable Faculty Development Program with more than 100 recipients to date.
  •  First University to offer weekend classes to workers to upgrade their skills.
  •  First University to start a Degree Program Oil & Gas Engineering .
  •  Currently the only University accredited to run an Oil & Gas Engineering Degree Program in Ghana.
  •  First University in Sub-Saharan Africa to design, build and successfully launch an educational satellite, CanSat in 2013.
  •  First University in Sub-Saharan Africa to design and build a Satellite Ground Station that communicates with satellites that pass along the West Coast of Africa .
  •  First University in Sub-Saharan Africa to successfully communicate with the International Space Station in 2014.
  •  The only University to build, design, fund and launch a Satellite for Ghana (GhanaSat-1, 2017).
  •  First University to create an International Journal where African Scholars from at least 5 countries publish their research.


Our Address:

All Nations University 97 N.K. Boateng KF1908, Koforidua