In early 1990 a republican decree was issued on forming a committee to rehabilitate Mr.  Ismael  Alazhari Intermediate School, the Committee started its work with a meeting which was held at Music Corps Headquarter in Bahri under the supervision of Brigadier General Hassan Karkab. Then, that meeting was followed by another meeting in the presidential palace under the supervision of Colonel Mohamed Mahmoud in the presence of patriotic decent citizens. When the presidential resolution was presented which was the rehabilitation of Ismael Alazhari Intermediate School for Girls, Mr. Bashir Alnefady proposed that: « Alzaiem Alazhari is more magnificent than rehabilitating a school in his name, and I suggest establishing a university named after him, and we would support this resolution implementation.

The meeting agreed on the proposal unanimously and was submitted to the President of the Republic who had issued the decree No. (485- 1990), which provided for establishing a national university carries the name of Alzaiem Alazhari and will be established by public efforts, and its cornerstone will be laid on Independence Days of 1991.


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