The objective of African Bible University is to offer quality, university-level education with a Christian emphasis to the people of East Africa.

The chief aim of African Bible University is to train Godly men and women for Christian leadership and service.  The curriculum is designed to prepare the college’s graduates for Christian vocation.  The degree is designed to be either terminal or preparatory for further education. Students are being trained for Christian leadership; consequently, the university desires students who are committed to God’s guidance and dedicated to the Lord’s service.

The courses offered at African Bible University are designed to hold to the highest academic standards. Our four-year program is of university standard, and the degree offered is parallel to the Bachelor of Arts degree awarded by other international universities and liberal arts colleges.

Providing a Holistic Education

African Bible University views man’s character as a combination of spiritual and physical elements; and for man to function at his best, both elements must be nurtured. To concentrate on the one at the expense of the other is to fail to prepare the whole man and woman for holistic service. Consequently, African Bible University’s four-year program includes both Theological Courses as well as Core Curriculum Courses.

The Core Curriculum Courses that are taught at African Bible University are designed to broaden and deepen the educational foundation of the student.  These courses aim to broaden the world-view of the students and prepare them to be effective communicators, give them a purview of history, an understanding of scientific method, an appreciation of cultural values, and a knowledge of human nature. Core curriculum courses include English Composition, English Literature, African Church history, Speech communication, History, Social Science, Educational Psychology, Philosophy of Education, music theory, Radio Communication, and many others.

Informing the Mind & Transforming the Heart

While educating the mind, African Bible University also ministers to the heart in order that its graduates — whether they serve behind the church pulpit, the executive’s desk, or in the academic forum — will always speak truthfully, perform effectively, serve industriously, and deal honestly with all in society.


Our Address:

P.O. Box 71242, Clock Tower Kampala